Flash Cards

Lesson Plan
2 days 8 hours ago
1- Recognize the importance of studying Arabic. 2- Know more about Egypt and the Arabic culture. 3- Greet each other in Arabic. 4- Mention some similarities and the differences between America and the Arab world in terms of greetings. 5- Introduce themselves and other people. 6- Name some vegetables and fruits. 7- Ask each other about their basic information. 8- Associate written letters with their sounds. 9- Identify and write the letters correctly in different positions. 10- Say what they like and don't like. 11- Identify the difference between Masculine and feminine. 12- Ask and answer questions (Either Yes / No and Wh Questions) and respond correctly. 13- Count from one to twenty. 14- Identify the colors. 15- Describe things in terms of the color. 15- Respond correctly to simple classroom instructions. 16- Write Arabic alphabet. 17- Name some classroom objects. 18- Differentiate between singular and plural. 19- - Say the days of the week.
Lesson Plan
2 days 12 hours ago
Learnig how to write the Arabic Letters: أ-ب- ت
Lesson Plan
5 days 3 hours ago
Ss will be able to review how to introduce themselves to others and ask others’ names in Mandarin. Ss will be able to say 7 countries’ names in Mandarin (China, America, Canada, Spain, Great Britain, France and Australia). Ss will be able to no how to write the Chinese character人(person/persons/people). Ss will be able to say 7 countries’ people in Mandarin (Chinese, American, Canadian, Spanish, British, French, Australian). Ss will be able to say the sentence patterns: 我是……人。我不是……人。eg: 我是美国人。我不是中国人。(I am American. I am not Chinese.)
Lesson Plan
5 days 10 hours ago
1.To be able to understand the meaning of each Chinese words. (你好 hello 陈老师 Ms Chen 谢谢 thank you 再见 good-bye) 2.To be able to speak the words of vegetables.(你好 hello 陈老师 Ms Chen 谢谢 thank you 再见 good-bye) in Chinese 3.To be able to have a short conversation with teacher and peers by using(你好 hello 陈老师 Ms Chen 谢谢 thank you 再见 good-bye) in Chinese. 4.To be able to get to know some information about me, my city and my country.
Lesson Plan
6 days 2 hours ago
By the end of the lesson students will be able to: Understand the greetings in Arabic Identify the the ways of greetings’ response Use the Arabic greetings to greet others respond to different ways of greetings.
1 week 22 hours ago
In the class, students will acquire basic speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in the Arabic language. By the end of this year the students will be able to: 1- Learn about and explore the Arab culture, language, customs, and values. 2- Introduce themselves, greet others and express basic courtesy. 3- Initiate, respond and carry out short conversations. 4- Talk and write about themselves, their families and daily routines. 5- Write short personal letters, greetings, or apologies. 6- Talk about personal needs, shop for gifts, and read bills and receipts. 7- Learn the basic vocabulary in order to ask for and give limited instructions and directions Goals (What should students know & be able to do by the end of the unit?) • Greet their peers • Introduce themselves • Count from 1 to 30 • Identify names of countries • Identify body parts • Identify the shapes • Identify the colors • Tell the date
Lesson Plan
1 week 2 days ago
Goals (What should students know & be able to do by the end of the unit?): - greet their peers with common Arabic greetings - introduce themselves and their peers by providing simple information - recognize, read and write the Arabic alphabet in both separated and joined forms - count, understand, read and write numbers from (1-10) - alphabetize a few names or words
Lesson Plan
2 weeks 4 days ago
1. Students can greet other students and teacher with a simple version of Chinese "nihao". 2. Students can use Chinese to say goodbye. 3. Students can inquire and answer the question of " what is your name?"
Lesson Plan
4 months 3 hours ago
1. Students can learn about the traditions of eight Chinese cuisines. 2. Students can recognize popular Chinese dishes and tell the ingredients of these dishes. 3. Students can say 15 kinds of foods in Chinese.
Lesson Plan
4 months 1 day ago
After completing the class, students will be able to 1)know some famous cities in China 2)know where they are located in. 3) complete a tourist map of China 4) say the sentence “ 我想去 …” “ 我想和… 去 …” “ 星期… 我想和…去 …” “ 星期 …我想和… 做…去 …”