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Creating an Artistic Product

Lesson Plan
9 hours 4 min ago
Introducing Ramadan and its celebrations in the Arab World Link for You Tube video Link for lesson material
Lesson Plan
1 day 15 hours ago
This unit was a collaboration between the Art teacher and the Arabic teacher. By the end of the unit, Ss will be able to: 1- Recognize the importance of amulets and Jewellery to the Ancient Egyptians. 2- Name the materials they are made from. 3- identify the symbolism behind them. 4- review hand building polymer clay techniques. 5- brainstorm and build thumbnail sketches of sculptures according to certain criteria. 6- reflect on their small amulets.
Lesson Plan
1 week 11 hours ago
I would like the students to know more about Chinese New Year and Chinese perspectives.
Lesson Plan
1 week 15 hours ago
1. Students will be able to recognize and say the names of Chinese food in an American Chinese food restaurants (炒饭 chǎofàn , 炒面 chǎomiàn , 蛋花汤 dànhuātāng , 宫保鸡丁 gōngbǎojīdīng, 陈皮鸡 chénpíjī , 蛋卷 dànjuǎn) 2. Students will be able to say the sentence pattern I would like …..
Lesson Plan
1 week 17 hours ago
Today we'll get to know Chinese New Year through book, videos, and paper cutting activity.
Lesson Plan
1 week 1 day ago
1.Students should know how to say happy new year in Chinese and the hand gesture. 2.Students should know some of the traditions of Chinese New Year. 3.Students should understand people from different place may have different culture and festivals. 4.Students should be able to sing the Chinese New Year song and greet to each other.
Lesson Plan
1 week 3 days ago
Goals (What should students know & be able to do by the end of the unit?): 1. Know how to greet their peers and ask their names in Chinese 2. Know the four periods in a day which are often used in Chinese 3. Be able to recognize the relevant words and expressions and 4. Ask/answer questions in Chinese 5. Learn some Chinese Pinyin. And can pronounce some Chinese characters by themselves 6. Know Chinese Spring Festival, and Spring Lantern Festival.
Lesson Plan
2 weeks 16 hours ago
Students will be able to identify fruit vocabulary; Students will be able to present about their family's preference about fruit of certain colors.
Lesson Plan
1 month 5 days ago
1- A simple introduction about the presenter. 2- Presenting how important was the sun during Ancient Egypt. 3- Telling the story of the Sun God, Re. 4- Ss choose a mask of an ancient Egyptian king or queen to color it and wear it.
Lesson Plan
1 month 1 week ago
By the of the lesson students will be able to: 1-Recognize the type of shelter they live in using Arabic. 2-Recognize the different rooms and inside the house in Arabic. 3- Recognize different items in each room in Arabic. 4-Make a dialogue about specific items in every room. 5-Design a poster for a picked room and its item with writing the question and answer below the drawing.