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Lesson Plan
2 days 19 hours ago
1. The students will be able to say the words of 6 kinds of weather as well as yesterday, today and tomorrow in Chinese. 2. They will be able to use the sentence patterns like “It sunny day today””It was rainy yesterday””It will snow tomorrow” to talk about the weather. 3. Students will be able to use simple adjectives 冷,热to describe how they feel when the temperature changes.
Lesson Plan
2 days 20 hours ago
1. Students master the basic vocabulary about weather phenomena. 2. Students can talk about the weather and give a presentation of weather forecast.
Lesson Plan
2 days 22 hours ago
1.Students can remembe at least 10 colors in Chinese: white; black;red; blue; green; yellow; orange; grey; brown; purple; pink 2.Students can ask and answer what color a certain thing is
Lesson Plan
4 days 21 hours ago
1. Ss will review the unit of Chinese currency: 元(块), 角, 分. 2. Ss will review the way to express numbers: 十,百,千,万. 3. Ss will learn target languages about shopping: 买, 多少钱, 贵, 便宜点. 4. Ss will learn how to buy something and how to bargain with the sellers: 你好,我想买……, 多少钱? 太贵了,便宜点可以吗?
Lesson Plan
6 days 23 hours ago
At the end of the lesson, students: Say school subjects in Chinese, for example 数学,科学,生物,物理,中文, 法语,新闻,历史,政治,西班牙语,音乐,体育,美术; Can use the following sentence to ask and answer their school subjects. A: 这学期你有什么课? B: 我有中文课, 你呢? A: 我有.....
Lesson Plan
1 week 3 days ago
Students learn and review words about weather.
Lesson Plan
1 week 6 days ago
After completing the class, students will be able to ‧know the different way of name expressions in China. ‧give themselves a Chinese name. ‧write their names in Chinese characters. ‧introduce some Chinese celebrities’ names.
Lesson Plan
2 weeks 5 days ago
After learning the lesson, students can: 1. Learn about the composition of Chinese names. 2. understand the origins of Chinese family names and compare them with the English family names 3. Understand how Chinese people select their children's given names. 4. Select their own Chinese names.
Lesson Plan
3 weeks 19 hours ago
After completing the class, students will be able to 1. Know five words and one sentence in Chinese about a certain topic 2. Teach their classmates five words and one sentence they have learned while preparing for the project. 3. Talk about Chinese culture in terms of certain topics such as clothes, fruits &vegetables; animals; Chinese cuisines; colors 4. Share their personal feelings about cultural differences.
Lesson Plan
1 month 1 day ago
Communication: 1. After this lesson, my students can communicate with their peers on the topic: Do you like movies? What kind of movie do you like? What movie do you like?why?(你喜欢看电影吗?你喜欢什么类型的电影?你喜欢什么电影?)Then the students can answer these questions appropriately.(是的,我喜欢恐怖片,卡通片,喜剧,文艺片,浪漫片,因为。。。) 2. After this class, the students can make a brochure to introduce their favorite movie.