4 months 2 days ago
Here's a lesson plan about Animals and pets. In this unit students will learn more about pets in the Arabic world. They will be able to compare between pets in America and the Arab world. They will make "Animals Book" and exchange information about their pets.
Lesson Plan
4 months 3 days ago
The objective of this unit is about Chinese numbers. For Level 1 Chinese learners in elementary school, the students are able to : 1. Count from number 0-20 after the clss 2. Show hand signs from 1-10 in Chinese way 3. Recognize the Chinese characters from number 1-10 and able to finish work like matching games and color work through the Chinese characters.
Lesson Plan
4 months 4 days ago
• Become familiar with the usage of 谁 “who” • Become familiar with pronoun/name + 的 • Students are able to list who is in his/her family. • Be able to have a conversation about one’s family. • Be able to say 我爱我的______. • Be able to sing the Chinese children’s song named “小兔子乖乖” (little rabbits) • Be able to write some easy Chinese Characters.
Lesson Plan
4 months 4 weeks ago
It is an interesting lesson about animals. Ss learn the Arabic names of some animals. They also draw and do puzzles to learn how to say I have an animal in Arabic.
Lesson Plan
5 months 3 hours ago
After this lesson, students should be able to say tiger in mandarin and could say some body parts like ears and tail in mandarin. And also they should be able to sing the song " two tigers" and dance with the song. At last, they will be able to create a tiger hand craft.
Lesson Plan
5 months 1 day ago
At the end of the lesson Ss can: - identify the letter س - differentiate between the different positions of the letter in the word سمكة - سماء بستان - كرسى تنس - شمس - differentiate between the different sounds of the same letter ( it's called harakat in Arabic) -finish a project to demonstrate their understanding to the topic
Lesson Plan
6 months 1 day ago
It is a very interesting treasure hunt lesson through which little kids are introduced to the Arabic letters, numbers, books and Egyptian culture as well. SS have to find the 4 hidden parts of a puzzle to know the place of the pyramid.
Lesson Plan
6 months 2 days ago
Students should be able to say “ Ni Hao” “Zai Jian” for basic greetings. Students should be able to understand some basic classroom commands like “kan" “ting” “an jing”. Students should be able to sing two Chinese songs “ Ni Has Ge”, “Zai Jian Ge”.
Lesson Plan
6 months 2 weeks ago
By the end of this lesson, Students should be able to: - respond the teacher’s greetings quickly and correctly. -greet each other in Arabic . -read some Arabic expressions for greetings. -take part in short conversations in Arabic to introduce themselves. -write their names in Arabic. - read some expressions in Arabic.