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Lesson Plan
9 months 1 day ago
After this lesson, students will be able to know what Peking Opera is and they will make Peking Opera masks by themselves.
Lesson Plan
9 months 2 days ago
An enjoyable lesson to teach the little kids about the Arabic names of some shapes: circle, square, rectangle and triangle. In this lesson the kids make paper robots using the shapes.
Lesson Plan
9 months 3 days ago
1. Students can say color in Chinese. Students can ask and answer about the color. 2. Students can do the rotate work after learning color.
Lesson Plan
10 months 23 hours ago
1. Students should be able to know what Chinese people usually do during the Spring Festival. 2. Students could make dumplings by themselves. 3. Students could write the Chinese character "福“ which means good luck.
Lesson Plan
10 months 1 day ago
Making a valentine's day hat and writing the Arabic words mom or dad on them to express their love to them.
Lesson Plan
10 months 4 weeks ago
Teaching the numbers 1-5 in Arabic to k-2 students.
Lesson Plan
11 months 1 day ago
After this lesson, the students will be able to say apple, banana, pear in mandarin.
Lesson Plan
12 months 16 hours ago
Students will be able to solve the addition within 5 problems and say the number sentence in mandarin after this lesson.
Lesson Plan
1 year 2 days ago
1. The students can ask and answer about days of a week. 2. The students will tell the different sequence about days of a week in Chinese and English.
Lesson Plan
1 year 4 weeks ago
1. SS could say the numbers of the animals in sentence. E.g. “Look, there is/ are _____ dogs.” In mandarin sentence. 2. SS could say the body parts of the animals. E.g. “ The dog has __, __, __…” in mandarin sentence. 3. SS could compare the animals by saying which is bigger and which is smaller. 4. SS could say which animal they belong to based on the year they were born. 5. SS could understand the stories of Chinese Zodiac in China.