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12 hours 11 min ago
Lesson Plan
12 hours 19 min ago
By the end of the class, students will able to 1. know the significance of Peking Opera; 2. have a knowledge of Peking Opera in terms of four main roles, the making-up of the faces, the personalities of Jing role according to the colors of their painted faces; 3. make a painted face and know the personality the owner of the face has.
Lesson Plan
1 day 13 hours ago
1. Know how to say the seven continents and some countries’ names in Chinese. 2. Know how to say the places in the community. 3. Briefly introduce where he/she lives (including the continents, countries, and places in the community, etc.).
Lesson Plan
1 week 1 day ago
1. Students will be able to grasp the pinyin and pronunciation about the 19 words about the school and classroom supplies. 2. Students will be able to match the Chinese Characters, pinyin and the English meanings through Flash Card Activity. 3. Students will be able to use the new words through various activities on quizlet. 4. Students will be able to finish a quizlet test about the 19 words. 5. Students will be able to have group competitions several times on quizlet live and the winners can get stickers as small gifts. 6. Students can present a short passage with the two sentence patterns: There are ……in my backpack; (我的书包里有……) (at least 8 items) There are ……in my Chinese classroom(我的中文教室里有……) (at least 8 items)
Lesson Plan
1 week 2 days ago
This is a week plan for the second month of Mandarin 1B students.
Lesson Plan
1 week 3 days ago
By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: • Communication: • Recognize body parts in Arabic • Describe their hair. Eyes’ color in Arabic • -Ask and answer questions about their body shape . • Cultures: • Students will know about thnic groups in Morocco . • Communities : • Students use ‘Classroom screen’ to draw an avatar and name its bodyparts
Lesson Plan
1 week 4 days ago
By the end of the class, students will be able to know how to serve food as a waiter or waitress and order food as a customer in a Chinese restaurant, and a sentence structure “What would you like to eat/drink?” “I would like a plate of beef, a plate of dumplings, and a cup of juice”. By the end of the class, students will be able to role play with their classmates about ordering food and drink using the words and sentences they have learned.
Lesson Plan
2 weeks 4 days ago
Project Goals:- 1- Increasing community and students’ awareness and interest in the Arabic program at my school. 2- Achieving sustainability for the Arabic program in my school. 3- Encouraging more schools to adopt Arabic courses. Project objectives:- 1- Introducing the school program to the community by sharing students’ work, taking part in performances and exposing members of the community to the target culture products (music, dances and foods) in different school and county’s events. 2- Organizing a series of virtual exchange sessions with native speakers of Arabic through Natakallam program to engage the students’ interest in language. 3- Providing instructional materials which include posters, online resources and outreaches bank for a future Arabic teacher. 4- Taking part in the school promotion team that worked on increasing the school enrollment. 5- Encouraging community participation in the program by having a parent volunteer work in the classroom.
Lesson Plan
2 weeks 6 days ago
Students will be able to 1. introduce their name in Chinese: 你好,我叫______。Hello. I am … 2. know some cultural facts behind Chinese names
Lesson Plan
4 weeks 1 day ago
1.Students will meet and greet their peers through the video call (3 minutes) 2.Students will perform for each other (7 minutes) Chinese Traditional Dance ( 中国舞 Chinese Students) Chinese Song: “Sorry, my Chinese is not so good” ( (Chariho Students) 3.Students will use their Chinese to ask the Chinese friends questions and get answers in Chinese) (15 minutes) 4.Students will have a review for the 12 zodiac animals (acting and guessing for each other in Chinese) (10minutes) 5.Students will be able to learn some pictographic characters and their evolution throughout time (15minutes) (The Chinese students show the pictographic characters and explain the meanings and evolution and Chariho students react) 6. Students will develop some friendships with the Chinese students and they will learn something about each other’s culture (free talk,10 minutes)