Journey to the West

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Standard Outcomes for Learning (ACTFL Standard 1.1)—Answer’s the question, what should students know, understand, and be able to do as a result of the lesson?
1. The students are able to know the short story and say the names of the main characters in Journey to the West—sun wu kong(monkey king), zhu ba jie(Pigsy), sha seng (Monk Sha) and tang seng(Monk Tang).
2. The students are able to review and practice the dialogue about asking names about the four main characters.
Step 2—Assessment Evidence
Performance task—What will students do to show what they have learned?
1. The students will say the Chinese names of the 4 main characters in the Journey to the west when they see the pictures.
2. The students will use the puppets to practice the dialog—what’s your name? My name is …in Chinese.

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