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Job Title and Occupation in Chinese

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1.Students will be able to speak out 12 words about jobs correctly.
2.Students will be able to recognize and write the right pinyin about the 12 words about jobs.
3.Students will be able to make short dialogues with the sentence patterns, using the words to ask somebody about his job.
nǐ/ tā /tā zuò shénme/gōng zuò?
------你/他/她 做什么工作?(What do you/he/she do?)
---------wǒ/tā /tā shì lǎo shī /gāo zhōng shēng /dà xué sheng
我/他/她 是 老 师/ 高中生/大学生(I am/ He /She is…)
4. Students will be able to present a Chinese passage about the family, including telling people the status of themselves and the jobs that their family members are doing at the end of this lesson. A sample is like this:
wǒ jiā yǒu wǔ kǒu rén 。
我家有五口人。( There are five people in my family)
tā men shì bà bà ,mā mā ,gē gē ,mèi mèi hé wǒ
他 们 是 爸爸, 妈妈, 哥哥,妹妹 和我。(They are father, mother, older brother, younger sister and I. )
bà bà shì lǎo shī ,mā mā shì yī shēng ,gē gē shì dà xué shēng
爸爸是老 师,妈 妈 是 医 生, 哥 哥 是 大 学 生,( My father is a teacher, my mother is a doctor, my older brother is a college student)
mèi mèi shì chū zhōng shēng ,wǒ shì gāo zhōng shēng
妹 妹是 初 中 生,我 是 高 中 生( my younger sister is a middle school student and I am a high school student.)