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1. The students should know the Chinese words of 12 careers:
the firefighter消防员 xiāo fáng yuan, the nurse护士 hù shì, the police officer 警察 jǐng chá, the engineer 工程师, the pilot 飞行员, the teacher老师 lǎo shī, the singer 歌手,the dancer 舞蹈家,the cook 厨师,the doctor 医生 yī sheng, the photographer 摄影师,the artist 画家
2. The students are able to ask and answer their ideal jobs:
A: 你想当什么?Nǐ xiǎng dāng shénme? What job do you want to do?
B: 我想当…wǒ xiǎng dāng … I want to be…

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