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If I'm doing a cultural day with my American students, how do I evaluate that?

Samantha Berk

When preparing an application for a CLP, you will want to show the selection committee that you have a clear plan to evaluate your project's effectiveness at achieving its goal. Think about why you are proposing this project. What is the need/problem/issue that this project- a one day cultural event- will address? Do you want to encourage more students to enroll in your language class? Are you trying to build support for the school's language program in the host community?

Many applicants use pre- and/or post-project surveys to determine impact of the project and, ultimately, whether or not it succeeded at its goal. Be very specific in about how you will monitor and evaluate this in Section 6 of your application. You may want to provide an example survey as an attachment to your application. If you are asking students or parents who attend your cultural day to complete a survey at the end, what questions will you ask? Make sure that the questions are focused and tied to the overall goal of the project. Take a look at the sample outreach survey from TCLP for some ideas: .

Other ways to evaluate the effectiveness of your project could include one-on-one interviews with participants and attendees, observations and rubrics, etc. Please feel free to suggest other ways that you plan to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your CLP!