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Arabic Club, Arabic Magazine, Arabic Party

Samantha Berk

It seems that you have a lot of ideas for activities that you want to implement in your host school. You can apply for a school grant to help develop an Arabic club that will benefit your school’s critical language learning and teaching, and you can organize different activities like publishing a newsletter or magazine, hosting a party, etc. to help get the club off the ground and build enthusiasm in the school. The review panel will want to see that your ideas are well-planned, so it is a good idea to include a concise description of the events you have planned when you answer question 4 of the application. You should also specify in your timeline (question 8 on the application) when and where each of the events will take place and who are the responsible parties. You can include attachments with specific schedules and agendas as well. Remember that the maximum length of a CLP is 8 months, so you will want to address the sustainability aspect of your club in question 7. How will your school's Arabic club continue to implement activities on its own after the project's official end date?