Terracotta Warrior Exploration

Project Type: 
School Project
Award Project Round: 
Deadline Date: 
Monday, April 30, 2018

Mentor teacher Debby Page (2016-2018) and exchange teacher Li Chunping (2017-2018) will organize a unit for Mandarin Chinese students, Chinese Enrichment Club members, and other students in related arts classes, focusing on the story and science behind the ten life-size Terracotta Warriors of the First emperor. This CLP will be an exploration of Chinese culture, history and language. Using Google Earth they will “fly” from Coventry, Connecticut to Xi’an, China and explore the Terracotta Warrior pits. Chunping will guide students in a virtual field trip as they visit the online the Museum of Qin Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses in Xi’an. Students will evaluate and analyze information found in print and multimedia resources. The highlight of the unit will involve students traveling to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to experience the interactive exhibit on the Terracotta Warriors. While in Philadelphia, students will participate in a docent led tour of Chinese art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and will visit Chinatown to partake in an authentic Chinese meal.

Working as a class students will develop a presentation on the Terracotta Warrior which will include a Google Slides presentation, the development of travel brochure, a short video, and segments that will highlight Chinese art and history. In addition, with the guidance of the art teacher, students working in small groups will create life sized papier-mâché Terracotta Warriors. The finalized presentation will be given at a school assembly, PTO Meeting, and a televised Board of Education meeting. At each of these events, teachers and students will highlight the advantages of the study of Chinese language and culture.